Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tonight I put up your photo
For the first time 
In a long time


Well so much because
Because when I look at it
I feel eighteen again 
Or at least 
How I did about you
The repeat show
I've had for weeks now
Because when we speak 
I get butterflies of excitement 
Instead of apprehension 
And it feels 
or implausible at the least


Because I'm not a 
Wide eyed, confused
Impossibly naive,
Cruel teenage girl
Seeking a definition for myself
Because I'm now a 
Woman with experiences
And testimony 
About life and the things
That happen in it 
Yet don't know myself, at all


Because I think you 
Know that woman 
Better than me 
Having learned to see
Through the haze 
That has been my life
Because you have 
Carved some decency 
Into that human being
Against all odds 
By challenging and yet
Supporting her, me

Because I wanted to
Because despite midnight warnings I want you
Because despite the challenges and change I want you to want me too

Because it's you

With love, Beau xx