Sunday, 28 February 2010


Have you ever watched your iPod/Computer/Phone
crash before your eyes
and realised that some of your favourite music in the whole world
is gone forever (or at least till you can afford to buy it again)?

I have.
It sucks.

And have you ever been out at a party
where someone's playing music off their laptop
and it's rubbish,ruining the party atmosphere,
you just wish you had your music collection to show them how it's really done?

I have.
I end up leaving.
It sucks.

Have you ever been on holiday
you forgot to charge your iPod and now you have no music
'till you get home,
apart from slightly bizarre radio stations?

I have.
You guessed it, it sucks.

Which is why I love Psonar

It's a free service
where your music is safe, accessible and yours to do what you like with (legally).

You can play it anytime with the psonar player
move it between your devices with the songshifter
and discover new music then buy it with amazon's much cheaper rates!

+ I'm the CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer)
cos it was my heartbreak over my iPod crash that prompted the service!

Try it, I think you'll like it:

With Love, Beau xx

Saturday, 27 February 2010

“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you”

Trust is a weird weird thing.
I made a bad mistake a long time ago
and although Bub's certainly learning to trust me again
I understand why everyday is hard.

It hurts me that I hurt him.
That's a good sign right?

Another way I get the thoughts out of my head
is by writing songs (as well as letters).
So here's some of Bub's song - tell me what you think.

My boy, you're a little bit too perfect
and why can't you see that, might be unsettling for me?

This girl, is not the type you believe in

Is not one of the people to who you usually agree

My friend you're like catching lightning
so it's a bit disturbing to let you touch this
I think more than it is clearly healthy

about that little thing, that infinitely forever kiss

And maybe I don't quite understand

your precious life and your sweet little land
but think of me as the cards in your hand

I'm the joker you're not even supposed to have

(copyright ..Peter flickr)

With Love, Beau, xx

Thursday, 25 February 2010

New Beginnings

I love Glee.

Lot's of people love Glee and lot's of people have been inspired by Glee.
Whether it's starting up your own club, watching more musicals
or just downloading the songs
we're hooked.

So it gets me down when people criticise others for doing these things.
After all, we all have to be inspired by something.

Me personally I wanna be a political journalist
completely because of the inspirational work of Matt Frei
particularly his book Only In America.

Then in my dream world I wanna be a singer of my songs
(some of which I may well post soon)
and an actress in very very small movies
that's cos I love to sing and act.
Jackson Rathbone inspires me in that respect - he makes awesome project selections and stays true to his vision and what he wants to do.

I think we all have someone or something to thank for the direction our lives take.
Embrace being inspired, and others inspiration.

What or who do you guys think shaped your goals and inspired you?

With Love, Beau xx


Sometimes I feel like I need to tell people why I care,
why I miss them or wish I saw them more
or maybe even why I have a problem.

Cos sometimes those things just don't get said right?

Sometimes I feel like love has become quite the blase thing
and sometimes that's something you need to undo
to remind yourself what's real
or more importantly what's not.

Bub and I aren't into grand gestures
(you may have noticed)
but for our anniversary I gave him a letter
his 6 month letter.
He needed to hear what I had to say
be reminded how I feel in all honesty
(that's his letter up top)

I think I'm gonna deliver a little letter through the mail
to all my favourite people.

My lesson is learned - remind those you love that you love them. Nothing works like words.

With Love, Beau xx

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

It's A Love Story

6 months
  1. Reading - 4 days where we were glued. We got home. We were still glued. We're still glued to this day.
  2. Honeymoon - I became just a teeny bit obsessed. Feeling our way knowing we'd been here before. Surviving to month three.
  3. France - together. on holiday. a week where we were glued. we survived. we were exceptionally happy. it is this memory that has been our life support when the going gets a little bit tough.
  4. Friction - attempting to plan a future. physical separation became inevitable. emotional togetherness turned out to be inevitable. I didn't pressure him. In reality I was just trying not to.
  5. Breaking Point - are we gonna make it? do we even get each other? an undercurrent of this has to work, we have to be together. And so we did.
  6. Le Reve - we get each other. where it was going wrong. why it was dumb to fight. a week apart we'd never missed anything more. we're forever, or a very long time, or so we will fight for at the least.
We've stopped fighting. We've got past our growing pains. And I'm so sure about this you wouldn't believe.

(he likes this - pale much?!)

I love love.
Hope everyone had a lovely valentine's and a lovely week.
Beau was on vacation = 0 posts.

With Love, Beau xx

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Oh why oh why
can I not make a normal face in a picture?
Poor Bubs!

Do you guys choose normal faces or weird ones?

With Love, Beau xx

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Bub shaved, just like he promised
so his facial hair looks more like this:

Than this:

Cos although I think my boy can work facial hair
the length it sometimes gets is a little much.

All this got me thinking
because lately beards have been cropping up all over Hollywood
and guys like Robert Pattinson are not working the look
so girls and guys
what do you think of facial hair?

I love my beardy bub

With Love, Beau xx

Saturday, 6 February 2010


This song is such a guilty pleasure.

And because I identify with songs lyrically,
more than other factors anyways,
the words remind me of how I have felt,
even if at the moment the whole love thing is up in the air right now.

I love him more than anything but he hurts me (alot)

With Love, Beau xx