Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Story Corner

I have a story to tell you.

One weekend Bub and Beau went off to London.
They went to a birthday party for his cousin
his cool, successful cousin,
who he adores and gets on with like a house on fire.

I was naturally terrified.
In a pub we stood and chatted with directors and Elle girls
the girls were nowhere near as scary as I thought.

Then we went back to a little old flat
south of the river
sat on a sofa and watched the in-laws get merry.

An Irishman going by the name of Rory
came to talk to us
asked as all the normal questions:

What're you doing with your lives?
Where are you going to university?

But then a question came out of the blue

How'd you guys meet? You gonna stay together? You gotta stay together.

And Rory explained that despite certain first night antics with his girlfriend
(context: Bub doesn't remember when we met)
they've been together 9 years
and are still going strong.

As a result I've kinda got hope.

It feels rather lovely.

Not to mention Rory then had to dash off
to perform the fiddle - it was as awesome as it sounds.

With Love, Beau xx

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Bub's Song

I already gave you guys my song
so here's Bub's.

It's so him.

With Love, Beau xx

Saturday, 13 March 2010


This morning Bub asked me what my favourite song is.
I thought long and hard.
Then I though 'what the HELL, why am I even THINKING about this?!'
cos my favourite song is set in stone,
you might even say I'm bewitched by it

I'll post Bub's favourite song later.

With Love, Beau xx

(btw I *always* love the Ella version of this song- and any song - but try Frank's too!)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

when we were young

The things I miss about being a kid:
  1. Tag/Stuck in the Mud/Hide and Go Seek
  2. Hanging upside down or sideways or anywhichways from everything
  3. Giving my mom snowdrop bouquets - and her pretending they were the best things ever
  4. Velcro shoes - why do we still have shoe laces?!
  5. Birthday Parties (I'm the kid in white at the front and those are reindeer antlers)
My little cousin is having a pink princess themed tea time birthday party...
it inspired me to remember and enjoy

What do you guys miss about childhood?

With Love, Beau xx

(all pictures from flickr, with the exception of bottom right which belongs to Mrs Andrews)

Monday, 8 March 2010


I have to say
I'm really rather pleased about some
nearly all in fact of the Oscar victories.

Avatar is beautiful, but not especially riveting.

The Hurt Locker is like no other (and that's rather special).

Precious is just that.

The only thing I'm rather disheartened by is the comic genius that is Up In The Air:
Even the trailer is funny and you've seen nothing yet!

Highly recommended. Even Bub smirked.

With Love, Beau xx

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mon Reve

If you don't remember this is B

Right now I don't miss anyone more
cos she's the bestie
and she's aweshum
and she owns an aweshum mustard yellow scarf ;)

One day I'd like to go on a road trip across the states with this girl
and Diego
and I hope that one day is very soon.

With Love, Beau xx

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Pretty Thing

"Oh you pretty thing, you beautifully flitty thing, you're such a nitty gritty thing, you are my perfect thing"

These are some of my favourite pretty things:

1) Green Orchids - supposedly not ready, not right, but to me the perfect flower
2) Cardigans on your wedding day - this is what Bub will wear to his wedding someday, and it is Bub that I love - my perfect wedding, casual and beautiful and easy
3) Old Chevy Truck - aged, decrepit, striking (not pretty), reliable, epic
4) Billy Buttons - a little sun, can you imagine anything more joyous?
5) The Horizon at the end of this road - I can see it, I can almost touch it and I'm overjoyed in my belief that Bub will be in it - it is still unknown and that is just dreamy

More Pretty Things lists may well pop up soon.

With Love, Beau xx

Images 2 and 3: (and associated photographers)
Images 1, 4 and 5: Flickr