Tuesday, 9 March 2010

when we were young

The things I miss about being a kid:
  1. Tag/Stuck in the Mud/Hide and Go Seek
  2. Hanging upside down or sideways or anywhichways from everything
  3. Giving my mom snowdrop bouquets - and her pretending they were the best things ever
  4. Velcro shoes - why do we still have shoe laces?!
  5. Birthday Parties (I'm the kid in white at the front and those are reindeer antlers)
My little cousin is having a pink princess themed tea time birthday party...
it inspired me to remember and enjoy

What do you guys miss about childhood?

With Love, Beau xx

(all pictures from flickr, with the exception of bottom right which belongs to Mrs Andrews)


  1. I will play stuck in the mud with you any day you like! Love love love love love you big time. Going to UEA tomorrow! Call me so i can tell you how it went :) xox <3

  2. Omg... I completely used to make those snowdrop bouquets and completely forgot until you put this. Thanks for reminding me.