Monday, 19 July 2010


I'm kinda exceedingly
at following up on awards I get.

But I decided this blog might need a break from all the heartache that's been happening.

1. List your 10 favourite songs on your iPod
  • Always - Blink 182 - possibly my favourite song of all time. After all it's all about trying and trying can seriously work for your relationship. I just lurrvveee Blink.
  • Paparazzi - Lady Gaga - for me Gagita is kinda hit and miss but this song just screams awesome. Maybe it's the psycho stalking persona within.
  • Say My Name - Destiny's Child - somehow the spunk of this song just instantly gives a girl a boost of confidence. It ain't really my kinda music but still I loves it which is the only important thing.
  • Bless The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts - uhuh I'm a country obsessive. Whatcha gonna say about it?
  • Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash - classic
  • Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin - ditto
  • Perfect Gentleman - Wyclef Jean - Bub has gotten me obsessed with Wyclef. This song is just awesome.
  • I Wish - Skee Lo - Yup more old school hip-hop from the archives of Bub.
  • Creep - Radiohead - Reading 2009 + Bub = memory
  • Stay - Miley Cyrus - Ok totally not a song I will love forever. But right now, lyrically it suits mine and Bub's issues down to a tee. So for now I loves it.
It was annie from Youth is Wasted on the Young who gave me this award and I kinda wanna give i back. I also wanna give it to Gee at Pretty Divine, Milly at Mlle-Milly and Pippa at Clashing Time.

I would give it to B at Stars Like Little Fish but that would be pointless huh?

With Love, Beau xx

Monday, 12 July 2010


So I've decided
I will get married in a Delphine Manivet dress.

Although this may seem like pre-planning
I'll kinda explain.

I've always found French design fascinating
and a French wedding dress/evening gown:

Maybe this means I should stick it out
with my French Bub.

That's what my heart if not my head says at the very least.

With Love, Beau xx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Pattern Repeat

Why is it that every single day
something small
must make you mad at me?

Cos although I know that
you will forgive me
each little incident adds a crack to our relationship.

Those cracks will one day
break apart.

Essentially you're killing us
and it is precisely that
that is killing me.

With love, Beau xx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

This month

we're going to


in like less than two weeks.

I never though it'd happen
and as bub's mother said
'whether you have an awesome or awful time, you'll have the stories to tell'

woo, loves it (and the millions of pictures I will inevitably take)!!

With Love, Beau xx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

'Your fingertips across my skin....

....the palm trees swaying in the wind

it's images like these which means
I can't quite let go


With Love, Beau xx

Friday, 2 July 2010

'I know I'm not a wasted case'

I feel like I'm drowning

but then I realise that I'm so much more
than relying on other people
than those other people themselves
if they're not gonna love me.

And then you come through for me anyway
and I realise I'm in thrilled anticipation
of where this may go.

((you knew this was the way things should be all along))

Right now I'm alone

and that is just fine.

But I would rather like to be together with you.

Let's feel it out.

With Love, Beau xx

photo credit: flickr

Thursday, 1 July 2010

I'm sick of the hurt

coursing through my veins

you leave me alone

when I need you,

and if I was way too much to take on tell me - I choose you.