Sunday, 31 January 2010

'you said we wouldn't be apart'

Bub and I nearly broke up.

I say that meaning that we fought bad
but really we never came close to breaking up.

He does this adorable thing
where he says he's gonna leave,
and looks like he's gonna,
and starts to walk away.

But then he holds me,
or he squeezes my hand,
because he really cannot bear
to see me that upset,
clutching myself like I'm falling apart.

So we fight it out,
fall into a strange confused silence,
and I don't know what to do.
I don't even beg.

I don't think i'm crazy when I say we're perfect.
Because even though we fight,
the reason our fights are so passionate, needy, hungry
is that we're hunting for a solution.
They come from love not hate.

He never does walk away.

With Love, Beau xx

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night last
I was supposed to go out with B (
I dithered for hours, and kept texting the poor thing
should I, shouldn't I, get work done, or let loose.
Bub didn't really want me to so that kinda made it harder.

But then at 9pm I thought heck it why not?!
I did my hair make-up and stuck some heels on
grabbed my bike
set off
and it was pouring with rain.

Needless to say I turned right back round and headed home.
Rainy nights out aren't so fun

My outfit was still cute though so here I am posting it:

This is the best day-to-night cycling outfit. Just add flats for day! Plus Ashley Greene has those shoes!

Barney looked so cute with his new frog handbag sized lights!

With Love, Beau xx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Crazy Little Thing

I'm only happy when the people around me are happy
it's like mood-based SAD,
therefore at the moment I am very happy.
Why? Because all my very best friends are all loved up.

B found her opposite B.
They're slowly admitting what their relationship actually is,
how they feel,
and how much they really rather like each other.
They truly have that sickeningly sweet first love thing going on.

(I didn't realise how awesome this picture was till B requested I put it in. They match in their oddball-ness - it's just all cute)

Then there's Campbell and Gooch,
both people I adore,
both people who are perfect for each other,
and they make each other very very happy smiley.
They're learning to cushion the bumps of lil arguments
that I'd forgotten were ever an issue.

(stolen from B - don't they have eerily similar expressions?!)

Finally, CB found the only guy
that has yet made her consider marriage and babies.
Trust me that's a revelation,
and Mr Greg has turned into her obsession.

But Bub and I are still the original and the best
at least to my thinking ;)

Don't you guys just love a bit of love?

With Love (too many uses of that word I know!), Beau xx

Friday, 22 January 2010

Velo Couture

I cycle everywhere.
It's pretty standard travel in Cambridge
but I know there are stigmas attached.

Like Lycra, sports helmets, hurting backs,
dirty clothes, flat shoes
and most importantly danger.

But cycle chic proves that wrong.

You can wear heels and cute clothes to cycle
Catherine Baba proved that at Paris Fashion Week:

Your bike can be a practical but oh-so-cute fashion accessory
as proven by the February edition of Harper's Bazaar:

you can carry your stuff and protect yourself
in beautiful, fun and stylish ways
as proven by the London cycle chic shop:

(Deluxe Shopper Pannier £40.00)

I bought my newest bike
a beautiful Dutch import christened Barney on Monday
so I have a feeling
that there may well be a lot more cycling blogs
to come in the future.

Till then go green, get fit and most importantly be stylish:
get on your bikes girls!

With Love, Beau xx

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Peace Out

Today this man and I parted ways:

Ok so I'm not that important at all.
But exams (re-takes) are over
and it feels like the future is getting

The adrenaline rush
that comes from knowing
that the essays you just wrote
could make you or break you
is quite simply astounding.

And I adore that fact
that that cold room
is where dreams might be made.

Oh the irony.

So today doesn't just mark the first day
in, oh, forever that I am free to go out
but also marks
the beginning of my freedom
to make my mark on this world.

London first maybe?
(no worries wherever I go Bub will be with me)

Here's to happy futures :)

With Love, Beau xx

Sunday, 17 January 2010

La Belle Paris

You may think I'm pre - empting myself
but bear with me
cos bub and I are very much in love...

since he has the half-french thing going on
this time for my birthday (August 24th)
Bub is gonna take me to Paris
not a-la-plage (which was perfection)

I cannot wait.

oh and he promised to take me here:

I've never been at night before.

Hopefully he'll buy me some of these!!

Yeh, I'm a lucky one.

With Love, Beau xx

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Big Girls

My friend Gee
kinda raised an issue today:
she made a quiz
all about body size.

It reminded me that in comparison
to every friend of mine
with the exception of one
I am fat.

That kinda sucks. I do worry about it.
Because I know at least one of them who looks at me like I am.
And I suspect is secretly
very smug about it.

And all the girls I wanna look like
with the exception of Ashley Greene
have no curves
and that's who I'll never be.

But then again
at times like this
I think I am ok. maybe even beautiful
at least happy about how I look.

is all this terribly wrong of me?

With Love, Beau xx

Monday, 11 January 2010


I have been waiting for this show to come over from the US
for forever.
I have a feeling I am not alone
It began on E4 tonight
and it was beautiful, amazing, fun
but most of all it reminded me of how exciting and entertaining shows associated with music can be.

Unless you count High School Musical or Hannah Montana
it hasn't been done for a while.

With Love, Beau xx
(I love the reminder of how British kids dress better than the Americans)

Little Boots

I have a confession to make
I have a bit of a thing
about shoes.

I'm not (that) prejudiced
but I certainly have favourites
such as these
bought for my momma's wedding:

they have bows!
so they're like dorothy shoes
but patent black
so classic
and can be worn with jeans
or a bodycon skirt
or anything really.
(plus Ashley Greene has them - style icon!)

But these would define me:
I love Converse
cos at heart I can be a bit of a tomboy..
well not really at heart
more on the surface
but still they're different
and to me different is good.

Before I met Bub I thought I really loved shoes
but seriously
his shoe collection blew mine
plus all my female friend's
out of the water
in sheer size.

Still they are kinda awesome!

With Love, Beau xx

Sunday, 10 January 2010

"I hope I'm old before I die"

What is it with us celebrating
not dying?
I suddenly realised
that that is exactly
what a birthday is.

Well this guy has not died for a long time

my grandad is an
interesting character
but getting the family all together today
with my cuz on Skype from Switzerland
was so much more relaxed
than Christmas/weddings/funeral

and dare I say it...

I wanna be this happy at 80.
That's all I ask for.

With Love, Beau xx

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Honesty Box

Since I've now decided to be
truly blunt about the way I feel on this baby blog of mine
I better admit
that although The Cast and Bub
make my life
close to perfection....

there's a thorn in the side. That would be my college.

There are amazing beautiful lovely people.
CB. Milly. Lizzie. JaG. AliP. (among others)

But there are also those who stare and maintain these fractious lines of hate and unhappiness, of jealousy and bitterness, of popularity and regimes.
And to be honest from time to time it can get a girl down.

Why does anyone even wonder why I wanna go be a liberal-arts-american-college girl?

and it was those girls who made me feel really kind of ugly the other night. No girl wants to feel anything other than beautiful. Luckily my sister managed to restore my faith in this look:

isn't that what sisters are for?

With Love, Beau xx

Fresh tunes are like fresh OJ .

I realised
that in the last year
I got into a kind of top 40 rut
and I lost all sense
of the music that makes me happy, alive and young.

and then I listened to The Runaways.
not exactly new.
or fresh.
or undiscovered.

but absolutely perfect (for me) right now.

(the bio epic about them comes out this year starring K-Stew)

With Love, Beau xx