Thursday, 14 January 2010

Big Girls

My friend Gee
kinda raised an issue today:
she made a quiz
all about body size.

It reminded me that in comparison
to every friend of mine
with the exception of one
I am fat.

That kinda sucks. I do worry about it.
Because I know at least one of them who looks at me like I am.
And I suspect is secretly
very smug about it.

And all the girls I wanna look like
with the exception of Ashley Greene
have no curves
and that's who I'll never be.

But then again
at times like this
I think I am ok. maybe even beautiful
at least happy about how I look.

is all this terribly wrong of me?

With Love, Beau xx


  1. Personally I would much rather look like YOUR body than anyone else's in the year...!

    &the people who look at you funny probably don't just be happy you get to eat eat eat.

    Aww yum...I'm so hungry right now! ;)

    And also, Venice...your tiny waist? Mine and Pippa's awe...ringing any bells? <3

  2. I AGREE :)
    I want your curves and boobs!!
    Rupey says you have a good body and we actually argued over it silly fool! But secretly he wants your boobs :D HA.

    I LOVE YOU <3 <3

  3. By the way :)

    I Gave you an award :) <3