Monday, 11 January 2010

Little Boots

I have a confession to make
I have a bit of a thing
about shoes.

I'm not (that) prejudiced
but I certainly have favourites
such as these
bought for my momma's wedding:

they have bows!
so they're like dorothy shoes
but patent black
so classic
and can be worn with jeans
or a bodycon skirt
or anything really.
(plus Ashley Greene has them - style icon!)

But these would define me:
I love Converse
cos at heart I can be a bit of a tomboy..
well not really at heart
more on the surface
but still they're different
and to me different is good.

Before I met Bub I thought I really loved shoes
but seriously
his shoe collection blew mine
plus all my female friend's
out of the water
in sheer size.

Still they are kinda awesome!

With Love, Beau xx

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