Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Crazy Little Thing

I'm only happy when the people around me are happy
it's like mood-based SAD,
therefore at the moment I am very happy.
Why? Because all my very best friends are all loved up.

B found her opposite B.
They're slowly admitting what their relationship actually is,
how they feel,
and how much they really rather like each other.
They truly have that sickeningly sweet first love thing going on.

(I didn't realise how awesome this picture was till B requested I put it in. They match in their oddball-ness - it's just all cute)

Then there's Campbell and Gooch,
both people I adore,
both people who are perfect for each other,
and they make each other very very happy smiley.
They're learning to cushion the bumps of lil arguments
that I'd forgotten were ever an issue.

(stolen from B - don't they have eerily similar expressions?!)

Finally, CB found the only guy
that has yet made her consider marriage and babies.
Trust me that's a revelation,
and Mr Greg has turned into her obsession.

But Bub and I are still the original and the best
at least to my thinking ;)

Don't you guys just love a bit of love?

With Love (too many uses of that word I know!), Beau xx


  1. i demand a picture of me and benjy too ;) i feel all left out tehe (':

    lahvs you long time belle

  2. This was odd, in my news feed, spotted a picture of me and was like WHAAAAAT? then realised it was you babz, I love you much, you cutie xx

  3. AWWWWWW :)
    This is a cute post :)
    Love you missy :)