Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night last
I was supposed to go out with B (
I dithered for hours, and kept texting the poor thing
should I, shouldn't I, get work done, or let loose.
Bub didn't really want me to so that kinda made it harder.

But then at 9pm I thought heck it why not?!
I did my hair make-up and stuck some heels on
grabbed my bike
set off
and it was pouring with rain.

Needless to say I turned right back round and headed home.
Rainy nights out aren't so fun

My outfit was still cute though so here I am posting it:

This is the best day-to-night cycling outfit. Just add flats for day! Plus Ashley Greene has those shoes!

Barney looked so cute with his new frog handbag sized lights!

With Love, Beau xx


  1. poor b
    so used and abused

    i'm gonna start a barney fan club (': he's loverly

  2. YAY :)
    Love how cute you look.
    Miss you so much its unreal