Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Honesty Box

Since I've now decided to be
truly blunt about the way I feel on this baby blog of mine
I better admit
that although The Cast and Bub
make my life
close to perfection....

there's a thorn in the side. That would be my college.

There are amazing beautiful lovely people.
CB. Milly. Lizzie. JaG. AliP. (among others)

But there are also those who stare and maintain these fractious lines of hate and unhappiness, of jealousy and bitterness, of popularity and regimes.
And to be honest from time to time it can get a girl down.

Why does anyone even wonder why I wanna go be a liberal-arts-american-college girl?

and it was those girls who made me feel really kind of ugly the other night. No girl wants to feel anything other than beautiful. Luckily my sister managed to restore my faith in this look:

isn't that what sisters are for?

With Love, Beau xx


  1. Oh Baby, you're gorgeous, we all know it, and I luuuuurve that dress (I'm practicing my chav talk incase I decide to fuck uni and live on benefits foreverrrr) xxxxxxxx

  2. You have no idea. On the complete same way length as you at the moment. I kid you not. Had the biggest biggest chat about this today. Was not at college.

    You're not the only one. And tbh - I thought you looked absolutely FIERCE (Tyra Banks stylee) at mine. So really, I shall assume they are jealous.

    Personally, I love you. And adore you for having my name right here. Personally, I hate them.