Friday, 22 January 2010

Velo Couture

I cycle everywhere.
It's pretty standard travel in Cambridge
but I know there are stigmas attached.

Like Lycra, sports helmets, hurting backs,
dirty clothes, flat shoes
and most importantly danger.

But cycle chic proves that wrong.

You can wear heels and cute clothes to cycle
Catherine Baba proved that at Paris Fashion Week:

Your bike can be a practical but oh-so-cute fashion accessory
as proven by the February edition of Harper's Bazaar:

you can carry your stuff and protect yourself
in beautiful, fun and stylish ways
as proven by the London cycle chic shop:

(Deluxe Shopper Pannier £40.00)

I bought my newest bike
a beautiful Dutch import christened Barney on Monday
so I have a feeling
that there may well be a lot more cycling blogs
to come in the future.

Till then go green, get fit and most importantly be stylish:
get on your bikes girls!

With Love, Beau xx

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