Tuesday, 23 February 2010

It's A Love Story

6 months
  1. Reading - 4 days where we were glued. We got home. We were still glued. We're still glued to this day.
  2. Honeymoon - I became just a teeny bit obsessed. Feeling our way knowing we'd been here before. Surviving to month three.
  3. France - together. on holiday. a week where we were glued. we survived. we were exceptionally happy. it is this memory that has been our life support when the going gets a little bit tough.
  4. Friction - attempting to plan a future. physical separation became inevitable. emotional togetherness turned out to be inevitable. I didn't pressure him. In reality I was just trying not to.
  5. Breaking Point - are we gonna make it? do we even get each other? an undercurrent of this has to work, we have to be together. And so we did.
  6. Le Reve - we get each other. where it was going wrong. why it was dumb to fight. a week apart we'd never missed anything more. we're forever, or a very long time, or so we will fight for at the least.
We've stopped fighting. We've got past our growing pains. And I'm so sure about this you wouldn't believe.

(he likes this - pale much?!)

I love love.
Hope everyone had a lovely valentine's and a lovely week.
Beau was on vacation = 0 posts.

With Love, Beau xx

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