Thursday, 25 February 2010

New Beginnings

I love Glee.

Lot's of people love Glee and lot's of people have been inspired by Glee.
Whether it's starting up your own club, watching more musicals
or just downloading the songs
we're hooked.

So it gets me down when people criticise others for doing these things.
After all, we all have to be inspired by something.

Me personally I wanna be a political journalist
completely because of the inspirational work of Matt Frei
particularly his book Only In America.

Then in my dream world I wanna be a singer of my songs
(some of which I may well post soon)
and an actress in very very small movies
that's cos I love to sing and act.
Jackson Rathbone inspires me in that respect - he makes awesome project selections and stays true to his vision and what he wants to do.

I think we all have someone or something to thank for the direction our lives take.
Embrace being inspired, and others inspiration.

What or who do you guys think shaped your goals and inspired you?

With Love, Beau xx


  1. OK music for definite. I know "music" is seriously general. But I can't really list it all. I have a new album I've just downloaded.

    My grandpa. Brave friends who are / have been out in Afghan. True friends - you inspire me with your politics and aspirations. Mike. Hilary Alexander.

    Jackson Pollock and Audrey Hepburn. Alexander McQueen. The list could go on. :)

  2. well hello!
    i DO luv Glee. i feel like i always forget to watch it tho. :( i'll have to catch up!