Friday, 2 August 2013

The problem is

I can't cry 
in the rain
for anyone else.

I can't feel
safe in their arms.

I can't reveal
the depths of my depravity.

I can't tell
them these depths of darkness
that I reach.

I can't giggle
like a child
around them.

I've tried
Oh I've tried
To the best of my ability
So that when they ask
I say that I am fine
and this hubris of mine
is me.


No love will ever achieve 
the deep tenacity of ours
which reaches our souls
and burns our hearts with fire
each time we consider the
terrible deeds we have 
subjected it too.

It may be fragile but it is a love so enduring

I cannot let it go.

"You hold all the tickets, I hold all the fines"

With love,
Beau xx

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