Saturday, 3 April 2010

April Showers

I know it's typical
not very interesting

but the world really does smell beautiful after rain.

My big sis turned 21
it's strange how much time keeps marching on.

I'm getting kinda lost - more of that later.

We went off to Norfolk
to the beach house
to celebrate
with 20 of the closest friends.

Night 1 - Faboosh.
Morning 1 - Beau is sick - puts it down to alcohol.
Mid-day 1 - Beau has clearly contracted Winter Vomiting Bug - Boobooboo.
Whilst everyone else went and did coastal things and generally had fun
I lay on the sofa
and generally felt sorry for myself - HA!
(then got up to puke every half hour - glamorous)
so bye bye birthday.

Bub also contracted the virus which probably shows how much time we spend together.
I'm still making sporadic comfort phone calls to him on my new brick:
I really must be the most glamorous person y'all have heard of ;)

Sorry world for epically failing to be in touch. A lot on my plate and all that.

With Love, Beau xx


  1. I gave you an award, because you're lovely :)

  2. i also gave you an award
    wheyyyy, probs the same one (':