Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sunshine Dreaming

I don't have much time today
I have to study so I can make something of myself.

I love this song.

My parent's divorce (woo personal fact!) when I was 6
has never much affected me
that's not a secret; if you asked say, B, she'd tell you.

But it does make me cautious in lurrvvee.
I seriously adore every person I meet,
cos really what's more special than a person?

But trusting them enough to kinda majorly love them
and bother lasting through fights and hurt
and whatnot
that's a little harder.

So this song is special
because Bub is special
and in my world this song is about Bub.

I hope you guys find something in it too.

With love, Beau xx


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  2. I love you big time.
    And miss you too :)
    Love this song xox