Sunday, 23 May 2010

La Futura

My future is the most up in the air
of any I know
- it's very distracting.

Lemme explain.

My dream dream dream was Stanford
with Cali weather and a flexible curriculum - hurrah.

Both my 'rents went to Oxford.

It gets tricky here - daddyoh to me off for a visit
I fell in lurve
primarily with his pride.

With that I let Stanford slip from my mind.

But really it's all I've ever wanted
but then a gap yah seems rather intense?
But then I would be living the DREAM
but then leaving the boy would be hard?

I dream of Cali sunsets, of ski and surf days
and of doing politics
with a touch of Natives
and some literature for empowerment.

Yes, I'm rather in a daze.

Any wannabe agony aunts with advice? pleeaaasseeee?

With Love, Beau xx

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