Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Wherever I'm goin' I'm goin' your way


Bub epically failed today
but I simply can't fathom myself to be mad at him.

I guess I kinda get it.

He's a smart kid
and he loveloveloves his subject
but studying it in the way they force him?

Not cool in his perfectly twisted head.

I've got used to the fact that I'm gonna be the ambitious one
cos I really couldn't be this ambitious
without him there to catch me
when I inevitably get it wrong.

(ewwwwww - shudder)
My gosh I take everything out on him.

With the exception of my history teacher he's the only person who makes me cry and scream at him like a child having a tantrum (during these fits he amusingly calls me 'princess' - not amusing when I am trying to strop)

I can even wear no make up in public if he's there!

So yeh for putting up with me
and the habits I've inherited for my mother
how on Earth could I be mad at him?

With Love, Beau xx

Disclaimer: this entry does not have any factual basis. In fact it's a load of bull. I'm completely pissed off. I'm just not gonna show it.

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  1. Loving how sweet this is...then saw the end bit...Hope you cheer up soon :) xox